Bad Doors Do Good (?)

I know, this is supposed to be about good design, but I couldn't resist adding this wonderful story: Robbers foiled because they couldn't open the doors into the restaurant they planned to rob. They pushed, pulled, and kicked), but they were sliding doors. Yes, there was a sign, but as you all know, if it needs a sign, it's badly designed. In this case, bad design led to a good result. Hope this doesn't entice others to do badly in hopes of similar good results. The story was forwarded to me by a correspondent in Australia. Alas, the Illawarra Mercury, the source of the original story, no longer has it on its website. You can find quotes at two sites: Blog of Stupidity ("Celebrating stupidity around the world") and Usability News. Note: Sadly the quotes above are no longer available - 3/6/2014