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I am often asked - and I often myself wonder - for the names of high-quality research journals in the design field. Oh, there are lots of design magazines with pretty pictures of products, ID Magazine comes to mind along with Innovation, the quarterly publication of the Industrial Designers Society of America (only available to IDSA members), as well as occasional articles in many technology and business magazines, but these are mostly pretty pictures and glowing text without much depth or substance.

The two major quality design journals that I know of are Design Issues and Design Studies, but these are only available by subscription. In addition to the long established journals in design and related fields (e.g., human-computer interaction), I'd like to welcome one new, truly excellent journal, The International Journal of Design, edited by Lin-Lin Chen, Dean of the College of Design at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. This is available on-line, free.

(I'm not going to discuss the many excellent HCI journals because these are well established, well known, but at the end of this note I provide two pointers to excellent lists and descriptions of them.)

The International Journal of Design has amazed me with the high-quality of its articles. The main purpose of this note is to welcome and recommend this new source of high-quality, refereed articles on design. (Note: I am on the editorial board, but I don't take any credit for the excellence of these issues.)

Interactions magazine, the official magazine of the CHI organization, is high-quality and always interesting, although not scholarly . The articles are reviewed but not refereed. So think of them as opinion pieces, but written by really good people. The editors are excellent. For example, they often reject my pieces, scolding me until I do better. Finally, many (but not all) of their articles are freely available on the internet. Finally. Their host organization, ACM, doesn't seem to understand this internet publishing business. They still think it is all about money, even though they are a non-profit, scientific organization. (My friends in the ACM will rush to tell me that "non-profit" does not mean "losing money.")

I am certain I have left out valuable resources.

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Design Studies *

ID Magazine *

Innovation *

Interactions magazine

International Journal of Design

Journals in the field of Human Computer Interaction are listed in the HCI bibliography site and also on Prof. Matthias Rauterberg's site at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

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