Dwell Magazine has me judge bathroom faucets

DWELL Magazine asked me to judge bathroom faucets. I got to read the literature on them and examine each one (and read the literature), but they were all on a table in front of me, but free standing -- neither mounted nor connected to anything. So I had to pretend to use each one. Not the best way to judge faucets. In addition, the faucet you might want to select depends heavily upon the context - the design genre of the home and bathroom, the surrounding fixtures, your own usage patterns and preferences. Still, it was an interesting experience.

don norman DWELL faucet expert.jpg

The results are available in their May, 2009 issue, and of course, on the internet.  (The internet article has two commentaries for each faucet, the first by me, the second by Dwell. Unfortunately, both are labeled "What we think."  I have asked them to correct this.)