Guidelines For Writing To Me

Writing To Me

I try to respond personally to all my mail, but this depends upon my workload, which varies between high and unreasonably high. I answer many correspondents each week, most frequently from students. I spend a lot of time at this. But please avoid asking me these things:

  1. Don't write asking me to solve your job problem or write your research paper.
  2. If you have specific questions about jobs or schools, I will try to answer them, but I must have specific questions, not vague, general ones. Start by reading my essay "How to find a job or graduate school."
  3. Don't ask me about websites--that's for Jakob Nielsen.
  4. Do not send me a questionnaire: I will not answer them: they seldom get at the important issues so they waste everyone's time.
  5. Don't ask the obvious. To answer student questions, I often do simple web searches, entering a few terms into a search engine, then emailing back the result. When I do this, I try to explain what I have done so that the students learn how to do it themselves the next time. But when senior people ask me those same sort of questions, ones for which they could have answered by themselves with a little bit of work, I tend to get annoyed, cranky, and rather irritable. Please, don't make me be rude to you.
  6. Don't ask the impossible. I sometimes get questions that are unanswerable. They are not quite in the same league as questions about the meaning of life, or how to reach world peace, but at times they feel the same to me. My rule is simple, if the question can't be answered in a paragraph, please don't ask it. I already spend roughly 3 hours a day on email, every day of the year: weekends, holidays, .. every day. Please be considerate.
  7. Don't ask for free consulting. This is how I make my living, serving on boards to help companies with their product, marketing, and managerial strategies. If you would like to hire me, see contact information for consulting and other activities.

But please do write.

I enjoy the questions and examples. I learn a lot from them, and I usually learn even more when I answer questions, so the time is worthwhile for all concerned. Just don't abuse the privilege.

contact me at don at

Updated November 17, 2018
I am declining travel requests not directly related to the University of California, San Diego Design Lab. (Not all trips are listed.)

February 6, 2019: Keynote. 21st Century Design
   IxDA Interaction 19 conference, Seattle, WA (Not yet shown on the website)
(I depart Feb. 7 for Dubai)

February 10-12, 2019: Keynote: Community-Driven Design
   World Government Summit. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

February 14-15. 21st Century Design
   National Institute of Design Celebration. Ahmedabad, India

February 16-24. Community-Driven Design
   Bengaluru, India
(I have a full schedule, visiting numerous communities)

May 10, 2019. Tsinghua University, Beijing
   Advisory Board Meeting

March 30, 2019: Keynote: 21st Century Design
   Krupa (Interface Conference). Kyiv (Ukraine).

May 14-16, 2019. Princeton University
   Smart Driving Car Summit. (Organized by Prof. Alain Kornhauser, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ)