I am NOT employed by Microsoft

It's nice to be quoted, but not when the quote is out of context, or when I am described inaccurately. Strategiy.com has posted an opinion piece about Apple, in which I am quoted accurately, but out of context. Worse, I am described as "an employee of rival Microsoft." Not at all: I am an employee/owner of the Nielsen Norman group (NN/g) and a (half-time) Professor at Northwestern University.

I have lots of clients at NN/g. One of them is indeed Microsoft, but this is not employment. Both Microsoft and Apple employ excellent, highly talented, highly motivated people, all trying to enhance the experience we have with technology. I am a happy owner of an iPod (mini) and a fan of the modern transformation of Apple, and I'm also pleased by the products coming from Microsoft. My allegiance is to the people who purchase and use technology. I work with multiple companies, helping them enhance the pleasure and enjoyment people get from their products.