Intelligent vehicle technology and trends.

In my essay, "There's an Automobile in HCI's Future," I argue that the human side of automation in the automobile business has been neglected and, unless tended to properly, will turn out to be the weak link. Well, here is the perfect book for any of you who wish to pursue this direction — perfect for classes, perfect to get up to date with the work that has been done. You might be amazed at how far the work has progressed.

This is an excellent, readable compilation of work on intelligent automobiles around the world — autos that can drive themselves, almost. The Human Factors sections of this book are the weakest — which is why we need more experts in this domain to get involved. The fault, I hasten to add, does not lie in the book: it simply reports the current state of affairs.

Warning: Although this book is essential reading for anyone who wishes to work in this domain, the price is a bit high for the average consumer: $89.00. Nonetheless, there is no alternative if you care about this field.

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Chapter 6 can be downloaded as a PDF file from the publisher: Lateral/Side Sensing and Control Systems

NOTE: The link to chapter 6 is no longer available.