Lukic, B., & Katz, B. (2011). Nonobject. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

This is a visual exploration of space and design, of the interstices between object and space, of .. well, it is just plain fun. But don't just look at the pictures, tantalizing though they may be. It is the text (by Barry Katz) that illuminates and penetrates the mystery behind the rendered objects (designed by Branko Lukic). Do explore the website as well. And start with the foreword by Bill Moggridge to get you into the right frame of mind -- that is, playful, yet thoughtful.

The book is available both in traditional printed form - a beautiful, tastefully done execution by MIT Press - and also as an iPad application: both can be explored on the website. For the iPad, Lukic and Katz have explored the power of dynamic media, revealing new dimensions of nonobjects. Comparing the two versions, print and electronic media, also provides a lesson in understanding why electronic books have a far richer potential than static, print books could ever even imagine. So nonobject provides an important lesson about the future of publishing, as well as being a wonderful design study.