Oakley is well known for making fashionable and functionable glasses, but I have question on this pair of sunglasses. It looks like a bra. I tried it on, it messed up my hair. I really think this pair of sunglasses will only looked good on a bald men. Maybe "The Don" can evaluate this unique design of glasses for us?!?

Thks! – Kat

Kat. I think you show a poor attitude for someone interested in making products better for people. It is most unprofessional to denigrate TheUser (r). Bald people (let's not be sexist) need sunglasses just as much as hairy people. Bras are good -- uplifting, even, which is a fine emotion. As sunglasses, they bring cheer and delight to an otherwise gloomy world.

But to each their own, which is why the world of products is so inspiring. With all the billions of people in the world, we need a plethora of products: product designers will never run out of work. Bra sunglasses for bald men, saddle bags for others. We must treat each of TheUser ® with sensitivity and warmth.

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