Teaching Design to Business People

Terry Winograd of Stanford's computer science department and d.school wrote a very nice description of our new Design + Operations MMM program at the Kellogg School of Business and Northwestern Engineering. That article is available in Interactions, the magazine for Human Computer Interaction professionals.

Jimmy Guterman, editorial director of O'Reilly's Radar group gave the article and our program a nice description and plug in his blog, with his item entitled Teaching design to businesspeople. Guterman concludes by saying this about our design track in the MBA + MEM degree program at Northwestern. "It's still early on, and Winograd's perspective in the article is prospective, but it's another data point that the next generation of businesspeople may be able to think at a deeper level than shades of mauve."

The Innovation article may require a subscription (either personal or by your library) for access, but I can email copies to anyone who requests it from me at norman at northwestern.edu.