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The Don Norman Design Award and Conference (DNDA)

My friends have organized an ongoing Don Norman Design Award and conference program in my honor and a non-profit organization to support it.

The Don Norman Design Award (DNDA) is an International program to advance the development of humanity-centered design education and projects that provide evidence of their capability to make significant enhancements to society. The phrase “Humanity-Centered” emphasizes the rights of all of humanity and addresses the entire ecosystem (the term ecosystem includes all living creatures plus the earth’s environment).

A draft and incomplete description

The descriptions below are incomplete. Moreover, some parts might change. So, do not contact me yet. This will be updated as soon as new decisions are made.

The official website is: https://normanaward.design/

Tentative Description

An award and a conference

  • Awards to early-career groups and educational organizations
  • An international conference for humanity-centered design education groups and projects

The award program supports and honors groups who, in their early careers, address societal issues in powerful, transformational ways. Awards are given to those who implement and direct projects, as well as to educational programs that educate those who can develop and manage projects of major societal significance. The work is judged by the evidence indicating its potential to contribute to the world. The program is open internationally, regardless of the training or education of the participants.

The conference brings together international groups and programs that engage in Humanity-Centered education or societal projects, enabling all to share insights and experiences as well as to honor each year’s award recipients.

How will the award recipients be determined?

An international committee of advisors and jurors will review all applications.  Candidates for awards must be nominated through a short, informational form briefly describing the group and its activities (self-nominations are permitted). The award committee will determine which nominations are appropriate for consideration and request more detailed information. The jurors will perform detailed consideration of the projects and educational groups, evaluate the evidence that has been submitted, and determine the award recipients and the kind of award to be presented.


The Awards for 2024 will be presented in October or November at the Design Policy Conference, held in San Diego, California (SA) during San Diego/Tijuana’s reign as World Design Capital, 2024.