You Can Find More Videos of Mine on the Internet

I have far too many Videos and Podcasts to post. In fact, so many, that I can’t even remember them all. So, if you want them, simply go to your favorite search engine and type “Don Norman videos” or “Don Norman podcast”

Vox media hated their doors, so they visited me to understand why. They produced this 5 minute video that has been watched over 11 million times (as of March 2023).
A 1-minute video jointly made by the Nielsen Norman Group and the UC San Diego Design Lab.  Another title might be, “Why design education must change.”
A 12 minute TED talk: Emotional Design (3 ways good design makes you happy) (over 2 million views as of march 2023)

A 2 1/2 minute video on how the new, generative design tools from AI are valuable collaborators for human activity. This is an extract from an Interaction Design Institute course. I can’t embed the video here because it is on the IxDF site, but you can see it there:

Videos from my course “Design for a Better World” at the Interaction Design Foundation