What does jnd mean?


jnd: just noticeable difference

In the field of psychophysics, the branch of experimental psychology that studies sensation and perception, a jnd is the amount that something must be changed for the difference to be noticeable, defined to mean that the change is detectable half the time. My goal is to make a noticeable difference — many jnd’s worth — in humanaity-centered technology.

I started my career as an experimental/mathematical psychologist in psychophysics, and my love of the exquisite sensitivity and dynamic range of hearing and seeing, as well as the power of human perception has stayed with me.

I use the name “jnd” for many purposes: My websites, email domain, and even my car’s license plates: I used to have two cars: JND ONE and JND TWO. (Now I simply have one car — an electric vehicle (EV), of course.)

For the definition of jnd as used in psychophysics, see the Wikipedia definition.