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Updated August 24, 2023

Some Past Events (that can be streamed) are listed at the end of this schedule.

September 14, 2023. (Germany. By video)

Usability & User Experience in Germany


September 22, 2023 (Singapore. In person)

Plenary Speaker at Singapore Design Thinking | UX conference


September 26, 2023 (Shanghai, China. In person)

World Design Cities Conference (WDDC)

October 9-13, 2023 (Milan, Italy. In person)

International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR 2023)

Milan, Italy (https://www.iasdr2023.polimi.it/)

October 19-20, 2023 (Oslo, Norway. In person)

Y Oslo conference

Oslo, Norway. https://www.y-oslo.com/speakers/

German UX Community Book Club Q and A (about Design for a Better World)

6 PM (CET). Düsseldorf, Germany. (Venue location to be determined)

October 24, 2023 Düsseldorf, Germany (internal) conference for trivago)

November 8, 2023 (San Diego, California. By video)

University of California, San Diego Osher talk (for the San Diego community)

November 10, 2023 (Brazil. By Video)

11th Information Design International Conference


Podcasts/talks available for viewing:

Guy Kawasaki’s “Remarkable People” podcast

Don Norman emphasizes the importance of humanity-centered design, which considers the impact of design on the environment, society, and all living things. He discusses the potential of artificial intelligence and the need for collaboration and diverse perspectives in design. Don also highlights the success of reversing the ozone hole issue and the potential for finding solutions to other environmental challenges.


Invisible machines

For the season one finale, Robb and Josh welcome legendary researcher, professor, and author Don Norman. His book “The Design of Everyday Things” helped define the parameters of human centered design, and his new book “Design for a Better World: Meaningful, Sustainable, Humanity Centered” expands the process to account for all life (human and otherwise), all societies, and the ecological system. (15 June 2023) 68 minutes


Design Matters w/Debbie Millman


Artificiality w/Helen and Dave Edwards.


Nodes of Design #99: Design for a Better World


Join us for a truly special episode of Nodes of Design featuring design visionary Don Norman. Don, renowned globally for pioneering user-centred design work, shares fascinating insights from his latest book ‘Design for a Better World’.

In this episode, we delve into the crucial role of design in addressing pressing global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and social inequality. Don shares his vision of how designers can contribute to a better world by collaborating with scientists, policymakers, and politicians.

As we navigate an era increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence, Don explores the future of design in this new context. He enlightens us on how AI can serve as a co-pilot in our design process and the possibilities it holds for designers.

Don’s advice for budding designers is particularly striking. He emphasizes the need to cultivate an environmentally-first design mindset in an era of environmental crisis. This episode is a must-listen for design enthusiasts seeking to understand how design can truly improve our world.

Tune in for a thought-provoking journey through the Nodes of Design with Don Norman, a master of craft who continues to inspire and shape the design field.

My discussion at FLAME University,

Pune India (1 hour)


My discussion at Krea University

Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, India


McKinsey & Company Author Talks:

This includes a transcript of the conversation as well as selected video sections.


Discussion with Bob Kozma about our two books

Bob’s book is “Make the World a Better Place: Design with Passion, Purpose, and Values“. His book and my DBW book are very similar in spirit, so they strengthen and reinforce one another. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7063645482488627201/

August 6, 2023. PCI Community Podcast (People-Centered Internet)

Recording available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jjb5eMFM3EQ