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Where did the term User Experience (UX) come from?


Where did the term User Experience come from? When I joined Apple in 1993, my first title was “Apple Fellow,” which was a very high position that gave me absolute freedom to do anything I...

April 15, 2023

5 minutes read

Delightful Products for Healthy Aging


More people than ever are living long, healthy lives. The number of active, healthy oldsters is large–and increasing. Despite our increasing numbers the world seems to be designed against the elderly.

May 26, 2019

2 minutes read

Apple’s products are getting harder to use because they ignore the ​principles of design.


I was once proud to be at Apple, proud of Apple's reputation of advancing ease of use and understanding. Alas, these attributes are fast disappearing from their products in favor of pretty looks, or as designers call it "styling." A journalist has just reported my views. And Bruce Tognazzini and ...

August 10, 2015

3 minutes read

A Great Product Ruined


LG. get your act together. Every so often I can't stop myself from complaining. This is one of those every so oftens. No visibility. Insufficient tactile differentiation among the controls. No labeling of which side is right and which left which matters, both because these are stereo earphones an...

September 20, 2014

5 minutes read

Floorplan Light Switches


Once upon a time, a long time ago, I got tired of light switches that contained a long, one-dimensional linear array of switches mounted on a vertical wall controlling a two-dimensional placement of lights that were placed on a horizontal plane. No wonder people had difficulty remembering which ...

January 26, 2014

3 minutes read

Eveready Energizer EZChange and DURACELL EASYTAB Hearing Aid Battery packages

Good Design

Hearing aid batteries are tiny, and the hearing aids themselves small and difficult to work with. The batteries have to be changed frequently, which used to be a truly difficult task. Moreover, the batteries would...

November 17, 2008

1 minute read