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The Future of Automobiles (An Interview)

I was interviewed by Neil Briscoe for an article in Is the love affair about to end?” Are cars as we know them to become a thing of the past?” asks the article. Where is the room for “Driving passion”?

Yes, I think the car of today will become a thing of the past. Neil Briscoe summarized it this way:

“If cars, and the private car, are going to survive into the 22nd century, then they must change. Not necessarily out of all recognition, but they must become blameless. Ecologically insignificant. Congestion proof. Utterly safe. … In the not-too-distant future people are going to regard it as completely ridiculous that a single human being used to travel around in a tonne and a half of metal.”

What do you think? Can we continue to have single people driving around, each in a ton and a half of metal?