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Videos from Design of Everyday Things

My videos have been resurrected!  Let me explain.

One upon a time, many years ago — 1994 to be precise — The Voyager Company produced a delightful CD-ROM that included copies of several of my books (“Design of Everyday Things,” “Things that Make Us Smart,” and “Turn Signals Are the Facial Expressions of Automobiles.”   As you read the books, if you had a question, you could just click wherever there was a link and I would pop up, walk on top of the text and illustrate the points being discussed on that page.

Voyager worked diligently on the CD-ROM: they did a marvelous job.  But they were too far ahead of their time. This was an early e-book, far ahead of its time. It was produced in Hypercard, an innovative platform for the Apple Macintosh that no longer exists. it doesn’t even run on modern Apple machines. (Weirdly enough, you can still purchase it at

Bob Stein, founder and head, was responsible for the project. Melanie Goldstein produced it. Others who worked on it were Colin Holgate, Curtis Wong, Kim Morgan, and lots of people whose names, unfortunately, I have forgotten.

Now we switch to today:

Mads Soegaard, Editor-in-Chief of, has worked diligently to recover many of the videos. He can’t get them all to work, but he is now posting the ones he has on the Interaction-Design website. (Apologies for the poor quality video, but in 1994, these were state of the art.)

You might also take a look through his website: A goldmine of information about interaction design.

The videos are at