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Why Rice Cookers Are Exciting

I just posted my first Influencer post for “LinkedIn: Why Rice Cookers Are Exciting

Here are some excerpts.

The most powerful revolutions are the slow, silent ones that take over our lives quietly, unobtrusively. No media attention, no over-hyped excitement. But one day you look up and, oops, what has happened?

Consider the everyday rice cooker. It seems rather dull: a squat box occupying space on the countertop, usually without any grace or sense of style. Yet this unimpressive appearing cooking device now simplifies the lives of tens of millions of owners all over the world. A quick search for “cooking with a rice cooker” reveals it being used to cook a wide assortment of food: chicken, fish, bread, and even chocolate cake. Take a closer look and you might be surprised at the sophistication of these devices, with high-end units containing microprocessors, multiple temperature sensors, multiple induction heaters, and displays. They use advanced artificial intelligence with fuzzy logic control systems


Why do I think rice cookers are exciting? Because they are a sign of the future, where artificially intelligent, smart devices with sensors, actuators, and displays populate our life, inhabiting not just our kitchens, but all the rooms of our home.